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Akshay Kumar Is All Set To Leave For Ayodhya For Ram Setu's 'Mahurat' Shot


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Akshay Kumar Is All Set To Leave For Ayodhya For Ram Setu's 'Mahurat' Shot

The Khiladi of Bollywood Akshay Kumar is ready to shoot for his next film, Ram Setu. The actor, along with the director Abhishek Sharma and creative producer Dr Chnadraprakash Dwivedi, will fly to Ayodhya to give Mahurat a shot of the film from Ram Janmabhoomi.

Akshay Kumar is on a family vacation in the Maldives and will bounce back on work as soon as he gets back. The director tells that the movie's shoot is spread across multiple schedules, and 80% of the movie will be shot in Mumbai. Sharma says that the actor will be seen in a new avatar.

"Akshay sir plays an archaeologist and his look and character are inspired by several Indian and international professional archaeologists who work in the field. In terms of both look and character, Akshay sir's fans are in for a totally new avatar of his," Sharma says.

Talking about the leading ladies in the film, Sharma says,
"They both play strong, independent women with well-etched out parts. We are keeping their looks under wraps for now!"

Picking about the movie's shoot locations, Dwivedi says:
, "Having visited Ayodhya several times myself, I suggested to Akshay and the team that we should launch the production schedule with blessings from the holy temple of Lord Ram. We are scheduled to hold our mahurat shot in Ayodhya and commence our filming on an auspicious note."

The journey of the movie for the director started back in 2007
"first read newspaper coverage about a court case related to a project to build a shipping canal in the shallow straits between India and Sri Lanka and the issues that the project was facing".

Elaborating further, he said:
 "I found this to be an opportunity to explore the truth behind an Indian legend and was amazed at the magnitude of the subject. It's like I was being presented with the possibility to bring forward a true story that would connect generations of Indians to a part of our heritage that was not getting the attention it deserved."

Ashay immediately agreed to be a part of the movie, says Sharma.

"I pitched the first draft of the screenplay to Akshay sir and he immediately came on-board,"

"He has helped us immensely by providing access and perspective to history and religion as well as building a team of researchers with backgrounds in archaeology, history, religion and science, in equal measure,"

Noting the idea behind the movie
"The research process was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject and to create a film on this true story that is based on and supported by facts".

Akshay announced that he would be a part of this film on the last Diwali through his social media posts. Now with everything panned, the makers are looking forward to shooting following all the covid protocols.

Producer Vikram Malhotra says, "For Ram Setu, there will be strict protocols in place, including travel and stay bio-bubbles, frequent health checks, and a professional agency on-board to manage these protocols all through. Given the complexity of the story and ensuing locations, VFX, etc, the production will be spread across multiple schedules over the next few months."

Malhotra is taking notes from past experiences to go forward. "Akshay, as well as Abundantia Entertainment, have been fortunate to have successfully completed filming, post-production, and even release of several of our productions through the pandemic period. So there is enough learning and experience to manage production with mitigated and controlled COVID-19 related risks."

The story of the movie tells about the heritage of India. The movie is filmed on facts, science and historical heritage.

"Today, as the younger generation grows curious about its heritage, there has never been a better time to tell stories anchored deep in the cultural fabric of our country," he adds.

This movie will be a milestone achieved in Akshay's career, and people will love watching him portray a strong character in a creative story.

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