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Best Karaoke Songs to Sing for Your Dad


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Best Karaoke Songs to Sing for Your Dad

Best Karaoke Songs to Sing for Your Dad | Hindi Karaoke Shop

All set for another party at the upcoming Father’s Day to make it more special for the one who makes everything special for you? What are you gifting your father this time? This time why don’t you try to get a sentimental gift for him after all the hardest person in front has the softest heart within only for you. Having said that, consider dedicating a song to him by singing it in the voice he loves, that’s yours! Whether it’s a father-son duo or a father-daughter bond, encapsulate your special relationship by offering them your feelings this time. Now, you will struggle to decide the song with perfect lyrics to make him feel that in-depth connection, respect, gratitude, and all the love for him. Hindi Karaoke Shop has curated a list only for your dad and you can sing them for him along with the karaoke samples.

1.Papa Kehte Hain Karaoke

Let’s admit it, every father has played this song in one of your childhood birthday party. He is going to cherish this song forever as much as you do. Just sing the perfectly apt lyrics for a Father’s Day eve. You can listen the karaoke and start singing to decide if you are going to opt this!


2.Papa main Chhoti se badi Karaoke

This song is perfect to be sung by daughters for their father depicting how their journeys have been beautiful by just the presence of their father and that they are their favourite heros ever. Listen to Papa main chhoti se badi karaoke sample and make him realise that you adore everything he does.


3.Papa mere papa Karaoke

This absolute melody is perfect for small kids. Not to forget the fact that we are always kids for our parents. Get your most cute outfit and melodious voice to tune in and sing this amazing song for your perfect dad. Here is your Papa Mere Papa karaoke sample all set!


4.Humare Papa aur hum Karaoke

Let him know how you and he make a perfect team to face the world. Tell him that you are proud to have his side by you always with this amazing song. Sing with the karaoke and declare to the world that nothing can beat the pair of you two.


This Father’s Day let Hindi Karaoke Shop deliver you the best Hindi karaoke for Father’s Day songs and make him feel extremely important. You can also go for other songs or create medleys by mixing a few songs taking the most relatable verses from each of them to dedicate you dad. Get custom karaoke and medley karaoke tracks and if you are hesitating a little on the lyrics part try new karaoke with sliding lyrics and nail it. Contact Hindi Karaoke shop now for the best karaoke songs. Tell us which songs you are looking for in the comment sections below.

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