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Celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti 2021 With These Devotional Songs


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Celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti 2021 With These Devotional Songs

That time of the year is around the corner; Guru Nanak Jayanti is almost here! It is the most important festivity for the Sikhs. Guru Nanak, sometimes referred to as Bābā Nānak, was the founder of Sikhism and the first one of the ten Sikh Gurus. He is one of the wisest people ever to have existed. His birth is celebrated as Guru Nanak Jayanti all across the globe by all Sikhs during Katak Puranmashi, which is around October - November. Guru Nanak was born in 1469; this year's Guru Nanak Jayanti will mark his 552nd birthday on the 19th of November, 2021. 

Guru Nanak is a spiritual guru attributed to founding Sikhism in the 15th century. He began framing the Guru Granth Sahib and finished it with 974 verses.

The principal words of the Guru Granth Sahib explain that the universe's creator was one. In addition, his words encourage selfless devotion to humankind, prosperity, and social justice for all people, regardless of differences. Therefore, the Sikh faith is founded on the position of a Guru as a spiritual and social teacher.

To celebrate this precious day, Gurudwaras start preparing two days prior by reciting the verses from the Guru Granth Sahib non-stop for 48 hours. It is called the Akhand Path. Then, a Nagarkirtan procession is held the day before Guru Nanak's birthday. The Panj Pyare, five men, carrying the Sikh triangle flag Nishan Sahib, lead the parade.

The celebrations carry on with dances, music, and other performances. Community services such as the famous Langar are also held for anyone to eat. In addition, people sing Punjabi Karaoke Songs dedicated to Guru Nanak Ji. There are a lot of songs dedicated to Guru Nanak Ji; some of them are listed below. 


Baba Nanak is a song by Babbu Maan which was released in 2009. It is in Babbu Maan’s studio 

Album "Singh Is Better Than King", which came out in 2009.


Har Ko Naam Sada Sukhdayi is a classic from Mohammed Rafi. It came out in 1999, and it was a single compiled in the album Shabads And Devotional Songs From Films By Rafi.


In the voice of Sukhwinder Singh, Kal Taaran Guru Nanak Aaya is a devotional song released in 2018 in the album Shabad Gurbani Vol. 2.


Gur Ka Darshan Dekh is a more than 2-decade old but still beautiful song by Gurdas Maan. It was in the movie Ucha Darbar Babe Nanak Da, which came out in the year 2000.


Raunkan is by the artist named Vickram Waddala. The song came out in 2018 in the album Raunkan Mandiran Te.


Das Ni Deeware is a devotional song in the voice of Bhai Maninder Singh. 


Guru Nanak Jayanti is the most prestigious festival for Sikh people all around the world. It is the celebration of the birth of their first Guru, who also laid the foundation for Sikhism. Such an auspicious festival requires the best of music because it ties us all together. The tracks mentioned above are just some of the many songs played or sung that day.

Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti!

Prachi Deshmukh
10 months ago

Wow, this is such a wonderful and informative blog post about Guru Nanak Jayanti

jayesh patel
10 months ago

This blog beautifully captures the essence of Guru Nanak Jayanti and the significance it holds for Sikhs around the world. It's wonderful to see the celebration of Guru Nanak's birth and the devotion that is expressed through music and songs dedicated to him.

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