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Musical Achievement of Hindi Karaoke Shop to Work with Exceptionally Talented Singer Mahalaxmi Iyer


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Musical Achievement of Hindi Karaoke Shop to Work with Exceptionally Talented Singer Mahalaxmi Iyer

Mumbai, India – 15th Jan 2021: Mahalaxmi Iyer, a renowned name in the Bollywood music industry that has emerged as a dollop of freshness. By giving her voice to numerous tracks in all major regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, and many more, she has ruled the hearts of many. Hindi Karaoke Shop announces the achievement of their stupendous work done with this noted singer.

Though the sound engineer at Hindi Karaoke Shop had multiple projects at his hands, working with real talent like Mahalaxmi Iyer was another feather in the cap. Having a unique quality of not being over-cautious about grooming her voice, she let the sound engineer learn from the best in the industry. From the inception of the song to the finished master track, it was a worth enjoying experience.

The main task of the sound engineer included:

  • Proper coordination with the lyricist to ensure if the words of the songs are properly fitting with the meter of the settled tune.
  • Organization of singer session, arranging the right microphones for different vocal pitches thereby ensuring smooth recording session.
  • After the completion of the recording, going through all the takes, and selecting the perfect one that matches the song requirement.

Working with such a great singer had become more fun because of Mahalaxmi’s friendly nature. Though both have done several unplugged karaoke performances together but the one that is always remembered is the song “Khoyeri Sweater” which was also covered by Times of India.

Having spent years producing world-class music, Hindi Karaoke Shop feels proud to collaborate with India’s finest singer & on bringing an 'Elite' superstar level of devotion and scrupulousness to each project that they work on, no matter what. So for all those who are looking for studio-quality Hindi karaoke songs, Hindi Karaoke Shop is the best option for them!

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