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10 Motivational Bollywood Karaoke Songs To Inspire Your Inner Spirit.


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10 Motivational Bollywood Karaoke Songs To Inspire Your Inner Spirit.

Bollywood has given us many amazing songs that we can sing and dance to. Sometimes we like to sing songs that can motivate us in life. We don’t want to disclose our weakness in front of anyone. In such cases, music can really help in inspiring you in life. 

Some motivational songs can help us in making difficult life sessions also. If you want a companion, you can always choose music to help in every condition. There are many Bollywood Songs Karaoke for every occasion, but you can refer to a fantastic playlist of inspirational Hindi songs if you want to seek motivation.

You can browse the songs given below and get Hindi Karaoke Songs Download of the best motivational Bollywood songs.

1.Ruk Jana Nahi Tu Kahi Haar Ke Karaoke

We have always been taught that we should look forward to and believe in progressing further no matter what. It is hard to pull back all the courage, but it is the best thing you should do after a setback. If you need a motivational song to push you, sing ‘Ruk Jana Nahi Tu Kahin Haar Ke’ on karaoke. This meaningful song from the movie ‘Imtihaan’ will give you the strength to look forward to life.

2. Lakshya Karaoke


Some Bollywood movies teach us the motive of our lives, and the message stays with us forever. Hritik Roshan’s superhit movie ‘Lakshya’ was one of them. The movie depicted the tough journey of reaching the goal. Sing the song ‘Lakshya’ and stay motivated to achieve your goals in life.

3.Yun Hi Chala Chal Karaoke


You must have watched the superhit movie 'Swades’. The movie gave an impactful message, and the heart-touching songs are still heard and sung. If you also liked the Shah Rukh Khan starrer movie, sing the famous song ‘Yuhi Chala Chal’ on karaoke. Search the best website online to get Bollywood Karaoke Songs With Lyrics and stay motivated to move ahead in life. 

4. Yeh Honsla Karaoke


Life may give you many reasons to stop, but you have to find motivational reasons to keep going. Music can be great to heal us and provide courage when needed. If you ever feel stressed or low, you can sing the 'Ye Honsla’ song from the movie ‘Dor’ and lift up yourself. 

5.Ziddi Dil Karaoke


There are many challenges and obstacles that may come your way. You might want to stop and give up but always sing the song ‘Ziddi Dil’ from the movie ‘Mary Kom’ as we have all heard and watched the true-life story of Mary Kom. We need to inspire ourselves to push our limits and fight against all odds. If you are searching for Singers Karaoke songs by popular singer Vishal Dadlani, then add this fantastic song to your list.

6.Teri Baari Karaoke


If you choose a different path, you might have to face challenges. Passing all the obstacles and then winning it will give you happiness and satisfaction. If you feel like giving up, just sing this song ‘Teri Baari’ to yourself and gather the strength to finish your work with passion.

7.Chak Lein De Karaoke


Akshay Kumar has a motivating personality, and even his movies come with a strong message. Remember, the hard times are just the testing period of your patience. Remove all your stress by singing the famous song ‘Chak Lein De’ from the movie ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ and gear up your spirit.

8. Sadda Haq Karaoke


We are always told to stand up for our rights and never tolerate injustice. If you are fighting for justice and ever feel like giving up, remember and sing the song ‘Sadda Haq’ from the movie ‘Rockstar’. Find the best version of karaoke tracks of Hindi Motivational Karaoke Songs MP3 and conquer every situation in life with a smile.

9. Dangal Karaoke


We have watched the superhit Bollywood movie Dangal which was based on a true-life story of an Olympic champion. It is evident how one needs to have a never-give-up attitude to achieve big things in life in the movie. If you also carry the same aspirations, sing the song ‘Dangal’ on karaoke and motivate yourself to work hard.

10.Kar Har Maidaan Fateh Karaoke


Everyone’s life has problems; some have less, some have more. Life is a battleground where you have to win every day. If you feel demotivated to life and complete your life’s journey, you can lift your spirit by singing a motivational song from the movie ‘Sanju’, ‘Kar Har Maidaan Fateh’. If one has the will, nothing is impossible to achieve.

Concluding Thoughts: 

We listen to songs when we are happy and when we are upset. Do you know that music has great healing properties as well? People listen to songs when they meditate as music calms and soothes our bodies. If you ever feel stuck in life and need to find the motivation to move ahead, these songs are the best. You can find karaoke tracks of these motivational songs on Hindi Karaoke Shop and add a reason to love music more.


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