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5 Best Karaoke Songs to Celebrate Friendship

Written by: Meenal on July 28, 2020


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5 Best Karaoke Songs to Celebrate Friendship

5 Best Karaoke Songs to Celebrate Friendship

From ages, we have been cherishing friendship now and then, and fortunately, out innate nature towards friendship never changes, and that heartfelt connection is always intact, no matter what the distance is! Well, we, at Hindi Karaoke Shop also believe that the importance of friendship is commendable and cannot be put into simple words. However, we strongly believe that it can be expressed through songs sung for your friends and giving them those heartfelt hugs through your melodious voices! Here are the top 5 Hindi karaoke songs to dedicate to your friend on this friendship day and make it more memorable and special for both of you!


1.Tum Jese Chutiyon Ka Sahara Hai Doston

With this special song being dedicated to all your crazy friends, make them feel how much you value them, and their contribution to your life is! Sing it out loud and make it them feel as special as they do to you! Here is a karaoke track sample you can try your melodies!


2.Tere Jaisa yaar kahan

Diving directly from the album Yaraana, this song has become timeless for generations with the perfect lyrics depicting the true bond of friendship! Try this amazing karaoke sample track made on the song originally sung by Kishore Kumar and Cast on the legendry Mr Amitabh Bachchan, Mr Amjad Khan, and Mrs Neetu Singh.


3.Allah Waariyan

This amazing tune directed by Pritam, Mithoon, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Anupam Amod, Honey Singh has that perfect touch of the loss that you would have with your friend’s afar! Make them feel close always and keep them just the way they are close to your heart! With a little touch of romance between Himansh Kohli, Serah Singh, Dev Sharma, Rakul Preet Singh in the movie, this song can also be dedicated to your partners who complete you in all times of life.


4.Dil Chahta Hai

With a wish of never-ending friendship and the hearty desires of staying with friends and being there for them 24/7, this song is just the right composition to dedicate your friends and let them know your deep-felt prayers for them!

Since we are talking about friendship, we all know friendship is a complete package of mixed emotions, sharing dark times, celebrating the brighter ones, and what not! So, why not a combination of songs, rather than just one?

Here is a perfect medley, you must try this friendship day of 2020!


5.Atrangi Yari Medley

Having songs with best friendship depiction like

  • Sach Mere Yaar Hai
  • Yaarana Yaar Ka Na Kabhi
  • TereJaisaYaar Kahan
  • YaaronDosti Badi hi Haseen Hai
  • Humko To Yaara Teri
  • Diye Jalte Hain
  • Aye YaarSunnYaari Teri
  • Zindagi Ka Naam Dosti

This medley is just a perfect gift in your voice to your beloved friends.

Hindi Karaoke Shop brings you the best of friendship songs karaoke tracks at most affordable prices in their libraries. Moreover, you can get them customized for yourself too! YES, they offer customized karaoke, medley karaoke, and what not! At just a single call with a free quote for all your requirements! Can it be any simpler?

Well, these songs compile almost all the top hits according to us, or did we miss any? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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