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5 Best Ways to Improve your Singing


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5 Best Ways to Improve your Singing

Singing is one of the ancient and most exemplary forms of art there have been. We have witnessed the greatest singers in the past times, and we still see new singers in the industry whose singing makes us feel as if we're levitating. So many of us tend to get inspired by them, and we feel like singing alongside them, mostly on Karaoke Songs.

To some people, singing may not be that big of a deal, but if you are someone who needs to dive into the deep ocean of music and explore all the aspects of singing, we have got you covered. If you want to improve how you sing right now, here are the 5 tips you must check out. 


  • Know Your Range

The vocal range, in simpler terms, is the complete spectrum of notes a person can sing. You can sing the lowest note in a scale until the highest note defines it, usually defines it, which is called your vocal "range". This just means that there is a limit to the songs you can sing. For example, if your vocal range is low, then there are fewer chances that you will be able to sing the songs in which there are high notes to hit; unless you transpose the song's scale. 

Finding your vocal range is not a difficult task. The most manageable way to do it is to play your piano or guitar notes while singing them alongside. Then, once you know your range, you can start practising it. 


  • Choose The Right Song

Once you know your vocal range, you get some idea of what songs you can sing. So, you can move on to the selection of the song accordingly. 

The initial step in choosing the right song is to shortlist several songs you think you can sing. The trick is to choose the song you genuinely like, not just the one that suits your voice, because it makes a massive difference in your singing. Try getting at least 20 songs on the shortlist. 

Then comes the next step, which is narrowing down the list. Try singing all the songs, and then whichever you feel matches your voice perfectly, note it down, and rank them likewise. 

This will help you to practice the right songs. 


  • Breathe

There is one thing that people say all the time; "Do not sing from your throat, sing from your diaphragm; this enriches your vocals." And it is as authentic as it sounds. However, singing solely from your throat can make it dry, and your voice can crack up. To know how to sing not from your throat but from the diaphragm, the trick is easy; breath. 

Practice breathing once or twice a day for 15 - 20 minutes. Try using your mouth and nose to inhale as much as possible, and then slowly exhale while practicing. This improves your lung capacity and prevents you from singing directly from your throat, which, in turn, help does not make your throat dry and crack. 


  • Warm-up 

Every time you do an exercise, the first instruction that is passed on is to warm up correctly so that you do not pull a muscle or damage your body. In the same way, singing is an exercise for your throat. Therefore, it is highly recommended to warm up before you start singing, which can be done very quickly. 

Hit a note on your piano or any other instrument, and sing that scale with a metronome. Once you are done with this, sing the scale's root note again, in 3 different octaves. Then change the scale and repeat. 

This is perhaps, one of the most acceptable ways to warm your throat up for singing. However, once you do this, you will notice how your singing changes drastically. 


  • Practice


The most important thing in any art form is practicing it. No matter how expert someone gets, they always keep on practicing because that is how you improve yourself. 

There are no limits to singing, you can sing as much as you want to, and there is no "perfect" singing sample; you can always get up and improvise on what you sang the other day. The key is practising; scales, songs, whatever you feel like. 

You may feel that singing is a tough job, and it requires a lot of proficiency to get started with. The experts we hear today were themselves, beginners, sometime in the past; they too began somewhere. With the advent of technology, we are lucky to have so many services to support your passion for music. So do check out some of our karaoke tracks today!

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