World Music Day Store-Wide Karaoke Sale | 40% Off | USE COUPON CODE - MUSICANA

Enjoy Exclusive 35% OFF On Store-Wide Karaoke Tracks in HKS’s Summer Sun-Sational Sale.


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Enjoy Exclusive 35% OFF On Store-Wide Karaoke Tracks in HKS’s Summer Sun-Sational Sale.

Summer is one exhausting season, is it not? As much as we love the sweet juicy fruits that come with the season, the endearing sunsets and starry nights, beating the body blazing heat is one tough nut to crack each day. But there are more ways of unwinding the warm heat waves than tantalizing food and iced drinks. However, does the constant angst of getting bored while staying indoors keep you out in the scorching heat? Not anymore. Because if you love music as much as we do, then we are eagerly waiting for you to lend your unique and amazing voice to some summer vibed karaoke tracks. Make your summer afternoons musical, and make them sun-sational with Hindi Karaoke Shop. 

Hindi Karaoke Shop brings exclusive Summer Sun-Sational Sale!

You don’t have to compromise on that extra glass of ice tea anymore, for enjoying your karaoke sessions. With HKS’s you get to enjoy FLAT 35% OFF on store-wide karaoke tracks, this summer, using Coupon Code: SAVE35

If you imagine your life like a typical Bollywood movie, with constant drama, ups, and downs, and still enjoy it like one big fat party, then get your hands on our Bollywood Medley at Flat 20% OFF, using Coupon Code: MEDLEY20.

If you are unable to find that one Bollywood song that has been playing on your mind on loop, don’t worry. Share with us the original track and we will provide you with its Custom Karaoke, starting at just $15.99 only.  

Four months down, and we believe it's time for you to revamp your karaoke playlist. So go ahead, and explore our vast library where we have added more than 60 karaoke tracks

So what are you waiting for?

Plugin your mic set your boombox, and sing along to that tune you have been hooked up to. Stay indoors, stay hydrated, and stay musical with HKS’s Summer Sun-Sational Sale.

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