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Incredible Achievement By Hindi Karaoke Shop On Working With Sreerama Chandra


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Incredible Achievement By Hindi Karaoke Shop On Working With Sreerama Chandra

4th January 2022 - Sreerama Chandra, the person whose voice is not unheard of in the Telugu music industry and also in the Bollywood music industry, is an accomplished Indian singer. He has set his footmark in music through some of his most notable songs, which include, but are not limited to Subhanallah (from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, 2011), Gelupu Talupule (from Teen Maar, 2011), and Fikar Not (from Chhichhore, 2019). His voice rules the hearts of many fans, which makes him one of the best. 

Hindi Karaoke Shop feels proud to announce that one of our most hard-working musicians had the opportunity to use his talent for one of Sreerama Chandra’s latest tracks.

The immense talent that our musician carries enabled him for an opportunity like this, to work with one of the most astonishing and well-known singers in the country. They had multiple tasks in his hands in the song, which required the composition as well. There were two main tasks; 


  • The music composition of the song, which made it such a groove, and;


  • Programming of the song. 


The song is beautifully composed with multiple instruments; duduk, multiple guitars, and beats composed through electronic software, of which our musician took care. The song’s composition matches the lyrics, does not make it sound any different from the song’s meaning, and keeps the vibe intact; that is the genius of our musician. 

The main instruments include a duduk. The duduk, also known as the tsiranapogh, is a double-reed Armenian woodwind instrument constructed of apricot wood. It's a native of Armenia. The Armenian duduk may be found in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, and Iran, among other places in the Caucasus and the Middle East.

It is a wind instrument that looks like a flute but is different. The instrument, like any other, is not very easy to play and certainly requires a good amount of practice to be played the right way. 

Although the musician has had many successful projects, this one would be remarkable for his exciting upcoming career; working with Sreerama Chandra has been an unreal experience for him, and we hope for more successful collaborations. 

Sreerama Chandra is a fantastic singer with a beautiful voice, who has covered some of the classic Bollywood songs as well, whose high-quality karaoke can be found at the Hindi Karaoke Shop, where we have a vast library of Bollywood karaoke songs, and in regional languages as well!

At Hindi Karaoke Shop, we keep up with our promise of uploading new karaoke tracks every day! We have a strong rapport with our customers and our musicians, who help us bring up the best quality of karaoke tracks. We are pleased to be the number 1 choice for more than 10,000 singers worldwide. 

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You probably might wonder what a semi-karaoke track is; well, it is not really hard to understand. 

If you don't have a companion to sing along with, keeping the original voice of a female or male vocalist in semi-vocal background recordings will assist you to finish your performance. Semi-vocal songs, to put it another way, are those that include either a male or female singer's voice present in the karaoke track. If you're a male performer seeking a female voice intact in a karaoke track, or vice versa, semi-vocal recordings can help.


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