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The Much Awaited White Friday Karaoke Sale Is Here!


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The Much Awaited White Friday Karaoke Sale Is Here!

Every year, we desperately wait for this time to grab the best available deals and discounts and unique offers available on stores all over. Yes, this is the time for the White Friday Sale!

This annual sale is a great way to save money and buy some of the big things you plan to buy all over the year. It sounds exciting, right? But, how did it come into existence?

The most exclusive shopping day of the year, Black Friday, takes place in the third week of November in the United States, while White Friday is the Middle Eastern version of Black Friday. In the final days of November, there is an annual shopping extravaganza. Both aren't simply one-day meals; buyers may take advantage of promotions, discounts, and incredible prices on the items for a week or two.

In the year 2014, Souq, the UAE's leading e-commerce site, launched White Friday. Ronaldo Mouchawar, Souq's CEO and co-founder, was inspired by the US's Black Friday sale frenzy. So he decided to replicate the wild sale event in his region through his e-commerce firm after seeing Americans go crazy over bargains and discounts.

White Friday deals are held both online and in traditional brick-and-mortar establishments in Gulf nations. Credit cards and online money transfers are rewarded with additional savings in the Middle East. Some even have a 0% interest rate and a monthly payment option. During the sale, online and in-store, price pool games such as products, gift cards, vacation vouchers, or significant price offers on devices occur.

To cut a long tale short, White Friday is a day when Middle Easterners may do something special for their friends, family, or themselves, thanks to an ingenious celebration that has blossomed into a distinctively Middle Eastern custom.

So that pretty much clears up about what the White Friday Sale is, right? The only thing is that you might think that the sale is limited to goods and other things you can physically own, but no! This is one of the most significant sales, and it is also valid on things such as a subscription to certain services, websites, etc. 

In the same way, Hindi Karaoke Shop brings you the White Friday Sale this year! 

We all know that music is one of the most crucial things to give energy to your life; why shouldn't it be included in the White Friday Sale? We have taken care of it! At Hindi Karaoke Shop, we have the highest quality Hindi karaoke songs, and karaoke tracks in other languages as well, available with lyrics, and many more facilities. Such as karaoke customization, karaoke with semi-vocals, mixing, and many more!

To bring you the most, we are amused to present our White Friday Sale this year! We present to you a massive discount of 40% on store-wide karaoke tracks! The offer will be valid till the 30th of November. 

Along with this, we also feel the utmost pleasure to bring you the special offer of getting one karaoke track for free if you buy two karaoke tracks!

Now would be the perfect time to grab these deals owing to the fact that the festive season is here, and Hindi Karaoke Songs are a great way to get along. 

So, make the most of this White Friday Sale!

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