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Reminiscing The Musical Journey Of Hindi Karaoke Shop With Incredible Singer Hariharan


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Reminiscing The Musical Journey Of Hindi Karaoke Shop With Incredible Singer Hariharan

Music is a powerful language that is understood and loved by all. The style of singing has changed a lot over time but there are some evergreen singers who mesmerize us with their magical voice. Playback singer Hariharan is one of the gems our Music industry is blessed to have. He started off his career with Indian playback singing and proved his versatility by singing ghazals and bhajans. 

Hariharan has also sung songs in various languages such as Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, and Hindi. Language has never been a barrier for him due to his passion for singing.

He is the pioneer of fusion singing and has also been honored with Padma Shri Award in 2004 for his incredible talent and harmonious voice. He has also been the National Award winner twice and is one of the biggest singers in India.  

Hariharan- Man Of Every Genre

Some singers never get outdated and continue to treat us with amazing songs. Hariharan is one of those legendary singers our country is blessed to have. The recipient of a prestigious award, Hariharan holds credit for singing 500 Tamil, 300 Hindi, and 30 ghazal albums.

Many singers are gifted with stunning voices but the years of experience teach them how to touch hearts with soulful notes. Learning music from legendary singers such as Hariharan is an accomplishment in itself. 

Some Popular Songs By Hariharan That Have Made Our Karaoke Nights Special

If you are a music lover, singing songs sung by Hariharan would have been an absolute delight. Bollywood Songs Karaoke nights make our times memorable but if the songs we are singing are chosen well, then it makes the time unforgettable. 

We have rejoiced in singing the Best Karaoke Songs Hindi like Tu Hi Re, Yu Hi Chala, Kabhi Main Kahoon, Chanda Re, Kitni Baatein and the list continues. These songs have been in the karaoke playlist of every music lover. Some songs make a special place in our hearts and these are some of them. 

The soft music and heart-touching vocals in his songs create magic. We cannot resist but keep falling in love with the songs sung by the music legend Hariharan.

Compassionate To Be A Part Of A Remarkable Event

HKS is a family of passionate musicians and music lovers. Our team is always in search of musical opportunities. So, grabbing the best of the time offered, one of our expert sound engineers and his wife became part of Hariharan’s Ghazal concert held in Powai, Mumbai.

Hindi Karaoke Shop feels blessed to have got an opportunity to showcase an association with one of the greatest singers of India Hariharan. Music has always been an undeniable calling for us and HKS never leaves any opportunity to explore new musical experiences. Hindi Karaoke Shop was a crucial part of this musical expedition where people gathered to hear the melodious voice of Hariharan.

The concert was initiated by one of our musicians who is also a student of Hariharan. She shared the stage with him and sang some old soulful ghazals whereas another musician accompanied them by playing guitar. 

The concert was attention-grabbing and one of the best experiences one could ever have. Our musician made the concert an unfading experience by singing some famous ghazals of all time like Kaash, Main Khayal Hoon, Nisha, Mareez-E-Ishq, Tumne Socha Hain, Ranjish Hi Sahi, Yeh Aaine Se, Nazar Shanaas Tha etc.

Our musician is closely associated with Hariharan Ji for the past 15 years as her dad and Hariharan Ji were best friends. She has been an obedient student of him and learned various musical tactics from the renowned singer. Hindi Karaoke Shop, therefore, shares a homely bond with Hariharan Ji and will be thankful forever for the knowledge and love showered upon.

It was a joyful and musical trail that Hindi Karaoke Shop will forever be grateful for.



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