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Everything You Need To Know About All The Equipments For Your Professional Karaoke Setup


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Everything You Need To Know About All The Equipments For Your Professional Karaoke Setup

There is this Swedish proverb that goes, "Those who wish to sing always find a song," and we genuinely believe that, just like life, singing is not always easy, but there is always a song for everyone. Unfortunately, finding the perfect playlist to sing is still easier than finding the right equipment for your karaoke setup. But you need not be worried because, in this blog, we have covered you a list of all the pieces of equipment that you need to assemble your professional karaoke setup. 

Be it an aspiring karaoke jockey (KJ) who wants to assemble a karaoke station at home or someone owning a bar or noraebang, one has to decide on what equipment they want to get and how much it costs, so first, we will understand the basic assembly of equipments and then evaluate the different options you can go for. 

Basics assembly of equipments needed for karaoke 

An essential professional karaoke setup consists of the following:

  • Karaoke machine/amplifier/mixer
  • Screen to play the lyrics
  • Microphone'
  • Speakers
  • Instrumental source 

Irrespective of the karaoke equipment one opts for, one will need a way to play the video and music. For the instrumental source, one has several options like DVD, CD+G, MP3+G, Karaoke applications, and YouTube. While sources like CD+G or DVD operate only with disk players, sources like MP3+G, Karaoke applications, and YouTube work by just connecting devices like a smartphone or tablet. However, before investing in them, you must check their licensing in your country. 

Two Methods Of Assembling Your Professional Karaoke Setup 

  • Karaoke Machine  

Using a karaoke machine for your setup is a straightforward option. However, choosing the best one from a vast pool of options is challenging. There are different karaoke machines with varied features; some have built-in speakers, screens, and microphones, while others are basic mixers that employ CD+G players or connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. 

Therefore, to make an informed decision, you must be cautious of the following factors:

  • Your budget
  • The connection type (wireless, mains, battery)
  • What all in-built features it carries (speakers, Bluetooth version, microphone, etc.)
  • Additional features such as LED lights and audio enhancers.

We have enlisted the top 5 professional karaoke machines that fit every budget. 

Top 5 Professional Karaoke Machines 





(CD audio + graphic lyrics)

Party Lights 





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Karaoke USA GF920


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ION Audio Block Rocker Plus




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Singing Machine iSM1060BT





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Rockville Dual Speaker System





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  • DIY Karaoke Setup 

You can choose this DIY setup for those who do not want to buy a karaoke machine but rather wish to assemble it right from scratch. For the same, you will need types of equipment like microphones, mixer, speaker, amplifier, and a screen for displaying lyrics. However, sometimes these equipments need not be purchased separately. Instead, one can buy all-in-one karaoke mixers, speakers, and amplifiers, but you must ensure that even those have all the pieces mentioned above of equipment. 

Lets us understand the assembly of each piece of equipment for your professional karaoke setup:



For a professional level karaoke setup, you will at least need 2 microphones moreover, but it depends on your mixer and how many connections your mixer is compatible with. There are different sets of karaoke microphones for cars available for you to enjoy karaoke on the go. In terms of microphones, you can choose either a wireless or a wired one depending on the compatibility of your mixer and budget, as wireless ones are slightly more expensive than wired ones but save you from tripping on the wires. 


The mixer is the quintessential equipment as it connects your setup, ensuring that the audio works properly. With the setup, two different kinds of sound need to be amplified: the backing track's sound and the microphone's output by the person singing. The mixer then connects both the song audio or Karaoke Mp3, and the microphone enables receiving both the sounds. Furthermore, the mixer also possesses an output connection that connects with the speaker to amplify these sounds. The market is flooded with mixers that are compatible with various kinds of microphones, music software, and speakers, be it wired or wireless, so you must buy the one that works best with the rest of your equipment.

Amplifier and Speaker  

Your karaoke equipment must be connected with a speaker. Now, if you already have a speaker in your bar, noraebang, or home, you will have to check whether it is compatible with the rest of the karaoke setup. Generally, karaoke speakers also have built-in amplifiers as microphones alone can not drive the speaker on their own. There are wired and wireless speakers available in the market. Therefore the speaker you go for depends on your budget since the wireless ones are slightly costlier than the wired ones and give you the freedom of positioning and placement. You must also know that the speaker's performance is directly proportional to your budget. There are two-in-one mixers and speakers in that market because usually, even though buying a mixer and speaker separately is cheap; it compromises the quality of the speaker. 

Some of the best affordable speakers available in the market are:

Top 4 Professional Karaoke Speakers 



Power (W)

Weight (Kilogram)


PYLE Karaoke Vibe 



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Pair Aplhasonik 




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Lastly, you need a screen to display the lyric video. If you are setting up the karaoke station in your bar or noraebang, you will need to invest more in the screen for a better and broader display than those buying for home.  

DIY Karaoke Setup vs. Karaoke Machine 

Now that you know what equipments are involved in a professional karaoke setup and that they are two options for you to get one, here are a few pointers you must consider to decide upon one. 


DIY Karaoke Setup

Karaoke Machine 

The flexibility of choosing equipments as per the need.

Includes all the equipments i.e. all-in-one system and hence easy to setup. 

Compatible with a range of audio software such as YouTube, various karaoke applications, and CDs.

Fast to connect, most karaoke machines are set up in less than 10 minutes. 

Creates a higher quality audio output fit for professional use.

Available at varied budget ranges making it a cost-effective option. 


How much does a professional karaoke setup cost?

The answer to this question depends on various underlying aspects like, whether you are setting up the karaoke station for a restaurant, bar, or noraebang, i.e., for commercial purposes, you will need to invest more in each piece of equipment as you can not compromise with the audio quality or performance. However, if you plan to set up a karaoke station at your home, you can be flexible with your price range. 

Generally, the equipments range as

  • Karaoke Machine: USD 150 - USD 1000
  • Mixers: USD 50 - USD 500
  • Two Microphones: USD 10 - USD 50
  • Speakers: USD 100 - USD 400
The Bottom Line: 

Your investment in assembling your professional karaoke setup is directly proportional to how serious you are about karaoke. If you take the DIY karaoke approach, you will have to allocate the budget to various instruments within the range and without compromising the quality. ​​​​​​​

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