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Farah Khan Says - 'Jab Hoga Tab Hoga,' I Am Not Taking Any Stress


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Farah Khan Says - 'Jab Hoga Tab Hoga,' I Am Not Taking Any Stress

Movie producer and choreographer Farah Khan feels there is no good reason for hope into things in this continuous stage and that one necessity to go sluggish. 

Farah says, "It has been an amazingly burdening and testing stage for individuals across the world. Individuals who say they partook in the lockdown need to get one… (giggles). Notwithstanding, agreeable you are, nobody appreciates sitting back home at a stretch with such a lot of vulnerability and uneasiness around. I'm not griping as life has been thoughtful to me, yet when you don't have the foggiest idea what will occur next, it stresses you as a mother just as an expert".

Farah Khan was good to carry out her next project when things got conceded, and the film couldn't go on floors. 

The producer also says, "A ton of work has been hampered. I should begin my film last year itself; however, it got postponed. Today, when I think back, I think 'achaa hua nai chalu hui, warna atak jaati.' But then, at that point, this pandemic has shown me something new, and I trust it needs others, moreover. Things happen when they need to occur, and unwittingly, we squander our lives running in the frantic race." 

Post-lockdown, Khan feels it's too soon to begin new undertakings as the entertainment world has many excesses to clear first. "At the point when two years excess of movies will, at last, see the delivery, 'tab mauhol Thoda acha Hoga,' then, at that point, just things will appear for us all. Arranging is going all out for my next, and things are in the pipeline, yet I am not taking any pressure, 'hit Hoga tab Hoga.' 

Farah has returned to passing judgment on a TV reality and thinks it's energizing to return to work. "It's a fun, parody show, and I love being back on sets at last after such a long time; I am going for Comedy Factory. I love to chuckle and make others giggle, too, in these testing times."

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