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Iconic Hindi Karaoke Songs On Money That You Can Sing For Pleasure


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Iconic Hindi Karaoke Songs On Money That You Can Sing For Pleasure

Money is the biggest concern of people. No matter how much people say money can’t buy happiness, money has the power to make you happy. Money is the driving force that pushes us to do our best and earn more. In simpler words, we can say that money is motivation to excel in our work.

Music is the best way to talk about every aspect of life. No matter what situation you are in, you can indeed find songs that relate to your situation. If you talk about love, numerous Bollywood songs romanticize the idea of togetherness. To convey sadness, the list of songs is very long. 

If you are looking for Bollywood Songs Karaoke based on money, we have a fantastic playlist that you would love to sing. Bollywood has blessed us with songs for every occasion and on every theme. But finding the best songs on it can be a challenge. 

You can leave all your worries to us as here are the evergreen Hindi karaoke songs on money that you can easily sing on karaoke.

1.Na Biwi Na Bachha Karaoke

Old songs have still not lost their charm and adjust appropriately in today’s time. The song ‘Na Biwi Na Bachha’ from the movie ‘Sabse Bada Rupaiya’ fits perfectly for today’s generation as well. Money can make the relationship, and when the time comes, it can break the toughest bonds. This song talks about the sad reality of life in a funny and entertaining way. You can sing this song on karaoke and give an impactful message with humor.

2.Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Karaoke

Money, happiness, and sadness are the temporary fancy things of life. If you understand deeply, you will agree with the concept that nothing in this life is permanent. We come, do our deeds, earn money and go with nothing in our hands. The song ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ sung by Palak Muchhal is a beautiful song on this harsh reality of life. The song composed by Himesh Reshammiya won millions of hearts, so you can also sing this song on karaoke and grab your audience's attention. 

3.Paisa Paisa Karaoke

You must have watched the epic comedy movie ‘De Dana Dan’. Few elements in the film that have stayed with us even today are the exceptional acting of the actors and the relatable choice of songs. The entire movie was based on the theme ‘money. The song ‘Paisa Paisa’ from the movie shot to popularity very soon and still gains a spot in the best Karaoke Tracks Hindi playlist. If you have enjoyed watching the movie, it’s time to double the fun by singing this amazing song on karaoke.


4.Paisa Yeh Paisa Karaoke


Some people like the original, old, and evergreen tracks, while some prefer to sing the songs with a twist. If you are one of them, here is a song with old and new versions of money. You must have heard the iconic song ‘Paisa Yeh Paisa’, this song was first featured in the movie ‘karz’. Looking at the popularity of the song, it was recreated and brought and in the movie ‘Total Dhamaal’. You can try to sing this song on karaoke in both versions and then decide which one you performed better.


5.Paisa Phenkho Tamaasha Dekho Karaoke


If you love to have a collection of the best 90’s songs, then this song should be in your playlist. The song is from the ‘Dushman’, and the mesmerizing voice of Lata Mangeshkar has made this song even more popular. It is a true fact that money can show you anything. This is a song with a meaning, so sing it on karaoke to feel the message it holds.


Concluding Thoughts: Singing is a magical passion that you must evolve. Practicing songs on karaoke can help you improve your singing ability. The best part of getting karaoke tracks from a good website is that you can even get Hindi Karaoke Songs With Lyrics. Getting professional scrolling the lyrics of songs makes singing even more convenient. If you want to find your favorite karaoke track in the best quality, then visit Hindi Karaoke Shop and start singing with pleasure and ease.


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This blog provides a captivating collection of Hindi karaoke songs centered around the theme of money, allowing singers to enjoy and express themselves with pleasure. The song choices and insights are excellent, making it a valuable resource for karaoke enthusiasts. Well done!

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