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Best Playlist Of Soulful Sufi Songs That Will Surely Touch Your Hearts


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Best Playlist Of Soulful Sufi Songs That Will Surely Touch Your Hearts

Songs are the most special gesture that can convey feelings. Whether it is a devotional song or a romantic one, every song has the essence that makes it unique. Singing Sufi songs karaoke is like a therapy for many, and when the genre of music is Sufi, it is pleasant and calming at the same time. 

Sufi music is a type of devotional music that the Sufis sing. Qawwali is just one style that comes under Sufi music. Sufis are Muslims who consider themselves with the inner aspect of the Islamic faith. 

The word Sufi has been derived from the Arabic word ‘Suf,’ which means wool, and it refers to the garment worn by the Sufi singers. Sufi music first entered India during the rule of the Delhi Sultanate. Sufi music is popularly known for the connection it establishes with the listeners. The music is very melodic, soothing, and divine at the same time.

If you are looking for a fantastic playlist of Sufi Karaoke Songs, here is the best list.


1.Khwaja Mere Khwaja Karaoke


Khwaja Mere Khwaja is a timeless song and has become so precious for all of us because of its heart-touching lyrics and music. The music maestro A.R Rahman is the legend behind this soulful track. The song is from the movie Jodhaa Akbar, and it perfectly evokes the royal theme of the film. The music truly makes you one with god by creating a magical atmosphere. It has been one of the most loved Sufi songs and gives a blissful experience while singing and listening.


2. Kun Faya Kun Karaoke


The Rockstar movie is known for its outstanding songs and is one of the best examples of a musical treat to people who love to sing soft and melodious songs. One of the most applauded songs from this movie was Kun Faya Kun which will give anyone goosebumps as the music is so impressive. The combination of three artists A.R Rahman, Javed Ali, and Mohit Chauhan, has given a musical delight that will be remembered forever.


3. Laal Ka Mela Karaoke


Sufi is one of the most touching genres of music, especially because of its lyrics. Laal Ka Mela song is performed by the Sufi Brothers and the album name is Aye Hasnain K Nana. The energetic singing by the Sufi Brothers creates an aura of divinity and is very engaging for the listeners. If you love singing Old Sufi Karaoke Songs, then this should be on your playlist. 


4. Bulla Ki Jaana Karaoke


We are all searching for our life purpose, and this life given to us is a journey. This song beautifully describes our life’s motto as we do not know who we are. Our guiding force, the almighty, will take us to a path made for us. Bulla Ki Jana song is from the album Rabbi and is sung by Rabbi Shergill. It is a great spiritual and aesthetically pleasing song that still remains our favorite. 


5. Allah Jaane Karaoke


Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are one of the finest actors in Bollywood. Their songs are also exceptional and create a special place in the audience’s hearts. Allah Jane is sung by talented Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who is known for his outstanding singing skills and soulful voice. He has sung many Bollywood songs, and they still mesmerize us. You can also get the best collection of his Pakistani Karaoke Songs and sing them. This song has become more beautiful because of him, so it’s time to take up the challenge and sing this song with equal dedication and harmony.


Concluding Thoughts:

There are different genres of songs that one can sing, but Sufi songs are the choice that remains common among many people. The music, lyrics, and incredible voice of Sufi songs are irresistible. If you are looking for the best Sufi songs to perform on karaoke, then these songs are very engaging, and the audience would love to hear them.

Ritika Verma
3 years ago

Such an Amazing selection of Sufi Songs. Thanks, HKS for the Informative blog...

Aditya Sharma
3 years ago

This blog totally transported me to a musical world. What an amazing playlist of sufi songs mentioned. Would love to try singing them on karaoke very soon. Thank you Hindi Karaoke Shop for sharing this soulful list of sufi songs.

Meenal Fadnavis
3 years ago

I have always been fond of Sufi music as it creates an aura of positivity and connection with God. The songs mentioned in the blog are all my personal favorite. I was searching for a Sufi music playlist and this article made my day. Thanks, Hindi Karaoke Shop for creating a soulful playlist.

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