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Best Valentine’s Day Songs For Your Loved Ones


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Best Valentine’s Day Songs For Your Loved Ones

Valentine's week is here again, the seven days followed .up by the most romantic day on the calendar. The day when people express to their loved ones how they feel when they reprise their fond memories and celebrate romantically. But have you ever wondered why do we celebrate Valentine's Day? There wasn't just someone who decided to declare the 14th of February Valentine's Day, and there must be some history to it. It turns out there is much more than we might have expected! 

Some legends follow up the reason we celebrate this day. Valentine's day is a day on the calendar merged with Lupercalia, a mid-February celebration on the ancient Roman calendar. Some historians believe Valentine's Day came to be associated with love. Lupercalia was a fertility festival that may have involved a ceremony in which men and women were matched by picking names from a jar. The marriage of the goddess Hera and the deity Zeus was commemorated in Ancient Greece with a mid-winter festival. 

There is also definite history about a person named Saint Valentine, which might as well raise the question in your mind, who was Saint Valentine, anyway?

Saint Valentine's Day was a Catholic feast day that was established in the liturgical calendar approximately 500 AD. The day was honored in honor of slain saints called Valentine. Distinct traditions honor three different saints known as Valentine or Valentinus. Still, the feast day was removed from the Christian liturgical calendar in 1969 since nothing was known about these individuals and there were competing accounts of the Saint Valentine Day tale.

Despite the fact that only a little is known about the recorded history of Saint Valentine on whom the festival is named, there are various versions of Saint Valentine's mythology. According to tradition, Saint Valentine refused to convert to paganism and was put to death by Claudius II, the Roman Emperor. However, he miraculously healed his jailer's daughter prior to his death, who later converted to Christianity with his family. According to another tale, the actual namesake of the event is a bishop named Saint Valentine of Terni, who was also killed.

Others claim that Saint Valentine was a Roman priest who performed marriages for soldiers who were banned from marrying due to an emperor's proclamation that married soldiers did not make excellent warriors. Hence, young men could not marry. This Saint Valentine had a ring with a Cupid on it, which served as a sign of love and helped troops identify him. In addition, he distributed paper hearts as a predecessor to greeting cards to remind Christians of their love for God.

As a result of this practice, St. Valentine became known as the patron saint of love. In the Saint Valentine prayer, Saint Valentine is requested to bring lovers together so they might become one and remember their devotion to God.

While the story of Saint Valentine laid the groundwork for the day's establishment as a holiday dedicated to romantic love, historians believe that the "modern" Valentine's Day celebration, in which we honor our romantic relationships with one another, is based on a poem written by medieval author Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381.


How is Valentine's Day Related With Love?

Possible Origins

Despite numerous writers' frequent and often extensive claims to the contrary, no evidence has been found linking St. Valentine's Day to the customs of the ancient Roman purification festival of Lupercalia, nor any other specific Greco-Roman celebration thought to have promoted love or fertility. Saint Valentine's Day is not thought to have had any romantic implications until Chaucer's poems about "Valentine's Day" in the 14th c.e., some 700 years later, Lupercalia is said to have died out.

Lupercalia was celebrated in Ancient Rome on February 13–15. It was a cleansing and healthy rite with just a smidgeon linked to fertility (as part of health) and none to love. 

Some scholars believe Gelasius I substituted Lupercalia with the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, claiming a link to the 14th century's passionate love connotations. However, there is no historical evidence that he ever meant to do so. Also, the dates are incorrect because the feast was only held in Jerusalem during the reign of Gelasius I. It was on February 14 solely because Jerusalem celebrated the Nativity of Jesus (Christmas) on January 6. Although it was titled "Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary," it also dealt with Jesus' presentation in the temple.

Alban Butler asserted without proof in his Lifes of the Principal Saints (1756–1759) that men and women in Lupercalia formed pairs by drawing names from a jar. That contemporary Valentine's letters arose from this practice. In truth, this practice dates back to the Middle Ages and has nothing to do with Lupercalia, with males picking girls' names at random to marry. Priests, such as Frances de Sales about 1600, fought this behavior by replacing it with a holy rite of girls drawing the names of apostles from the altar. However, this religious practice is mentioned in the biography of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary as early as the 13th century, suggesting that it may have a distinct origin.

There are many ways to celebrate this beautiful day of love. You might go on dates, dance along, or just sing. But, anyway, there is an intense need for some romantic music to be played. So, just in case you are wondering what Romantic Karaoke Songs you should sing, here are some of the most adorable Valentine's day songs that you must try out!

Mehraam is in the beautiful voice of Arijit Singh and is from the movie Kahaani 2, which is the sequel to Kahaani, starring Vidya Balan as Vidya Venkatesanbagchi,

Jubin Nautiyal and Neeti Mohan sang this song which is from the movie Satyameva Jayate 2. The movie starred Divya Khosla Kumar and John Abraham. 

Tera Hua is from the 2018 movie, LoveYatri. Aayush Sharma is the main cast of the movie. Atif Aslam has sung this beautiful song.


Manan Bharadwaj’s amazing voice contributes to this song. The movie Shiddat is a recent release from 2021 starring Radhika Manan and Mohit Raina.


Khair Mangde is in the amazing voice of Atif Aslam featured in the 2016 movie A Flying Jatt which starred Tiger Shroff.


Thoda Thoda Pyaar is a single released in 2021. It is sung by Stebin Ben and Nilesh Ahuja.


Main Tera Ho Gaya is a single from 2017 sung by Milind Gaba.


Fallin For You is a single in the voice of Shrey Singhal which was released in 2017.

These are some of the Easy To Sing Karaoke Love Songs you can sing your heart out to and make your day more romantic!

Don’t let your Valentine’s Day go plain, celebrate love and the feeling to be loved. So, don't miss out on this Valentine's!

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