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Best 6 Easy-To-Sing Love Hindi Karaoke Songs 


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Best 6 Easy-To-Sing Love Hindi Karaoke Songs 

Love is an overpowering emotion, and words often fall short when it comes to expressing your love. Songs are the perfect way of conveying your feelings, and the lyrics are what our hearts feel. Choosing the perfect song that speaks your heart out and is easy to sing can be challenging. 

However, we have grown up watching movies, and Bollywood has given us love songs abundantly. Starting out as a karaoke lover, you might want to begin with not just knowing easy to sing songs but also know karaoke file formats which makes it a smooth experience for you.

If you want to confess your love, then these karaoke love songs are easy to sing and please your beloved.


1.Jaan Ban Gaye

This melodious heart touching song will perfectly define how much you love your partner. Every word of this beautiful song will show how crucial is your partner’s presence in your life. You can get the beautiful Jaan Ban Gaye Karaoke Song from here.


2.Tu Hi Yaar Mera

Love starts with friendship, and it is rightly said Love is Friendship and friendship is love. This lovely song is for your best friend who has now become someone “special .”Friendship is the first step of love, so Sing and celebrate your friendship and love. You can propose to your friend to become your lover by singing Tu Hi Yaar Mera Karaoke Song from here. 


3. Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho

Your partner makes you feel complete in this whole wide world. Dedicate this song to them and look at their smile. Celebrate how destiny has got two loving souls together and are moving ahead powerfully. Feel every word of this song was written just for you, and enjoy Mere Liye Tum Kafi Ho Karaoke Song from here.


4. Ishq Tera

If you had also fallen in love at first sight, then this song will tell your love story. Enjoy this beautiful track that personifies your love and passion. Delve into the sweetness and enjoy the romance that’s in the air. Don’t miss the chance and sing Ishq Tera Karaoke Song from here.


5. Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas 

Groove with this evergreen track that says you are never away from my heart. Make your partner feel special with this all-time favourite song. Reminisce the precious moments and loving bond you both share with a heart-touching track Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Karaoke Song from here.


6.Tujhe Kitna Chahne 

If you are a loving Kabir and she is the sweet Preeti of your life then sing out this beautiful song for her. Rekindle the passionate feelings you have. This song ruled our hearts and always played in our minds for the epic lyrics and composition. Do not hustle to find the track; sing Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Karaoke Song from here.


The month of love has already started, and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. If you have still not confessed your true feelings, choose your favourite Bollywood karaoke songs from the list above. Don’t be nervous, as these tracks are simple and perfect to show your loving emotions.

Karnika Kaur
3 years ago

Thankyou HKS For Suggesting This Songs To Us ..Amazing Blog Guys...

Shreyash Gour
2 years ago

These songs are really great to choose and sing for someone special or for an event. But I'm looking for a little more, so please share some more similar songs.

Sachin Sharma
2 years ago

I would be happy to perform any of the songs on your list at love nights😀.

Naina Sharma
1 year ago

Everyone enjoys romantic songs. There's nothing better than listening to love songs to stay calm and relax.

Rohan Singh
1 year ago

It really makes me happy to hear the song "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas.". This song still brings a sense of freshness to me.

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