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Lose Yourself With More Than 60 Songs Added To Hindi Karaoke Shop


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Lose Yourself With More Than 60 Songs Added To Hindi Karaoke Shop

18th August,2021 - Music is an excellent way to re-energize your soul and make you feel relaxed; it is an art that expresses ideas and feelings through rhythms, harmony, and melodies. There is hardly anyone who does not like music, we have been listening to it ever since we were children, and we all have our choices to listen to. 

The best part of songs is when people sing them in their melodious voices; that is what makes them so soothing and pleasing to hear; singers do a great job of polishing the songs. Everyone gets inspired by singers, and we all want to sing songs ourselves, with melodious, catchy music. Although some people like to sing and listen to one particular genre of songs, to be a great singer, you need to ace in them all, which is not possible until you have the right karaoke tracks to sing along with. This is taken care of by Hindi Karaoke Shop, here, we have a catalogue of thousands of karaoke songs to sing along with, more and more being included every single day. 

We have many services like a broad spectrum of songs to choose from, customized karaoke tracks available in audio and video format, and the provision of lyrics. What more would you need?

Following our trend of uploading songs every day, we are proud to present that we have uploaded more than 60 songs to our website, with the latest releases included. And some of them available exclusively on our website, to never let you miss out on any of the songs you want to sing. 

So here are some of the many songs uploaded by us in August 2021


This song came out in 2019 from the movie Romeo Akbar Walter, sung by the one and only Atif Aslam. We all love his voice, but what we would love more is you singing the same song in your magnificent voice!


This is a harmonious classic from the movie Mann Mandir, which was released in 1971. It is a beautiful duo by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle. The music is given by another remarkable duo, Laxmikant Pyarelal. 


From the movie Agni Pareeksha, this song came out in 1981 and is in the melodious voice of the legend, Lata Ji. This is one of the most sensational songs and has Amol Palekar and Parikshit Sahni in the movie, making it a gem. 


This song is in the remarkable voice of Kishore Kumar in the movie Oonche Log, which came out in 1965. This is one of the most iconic melodies you can sing out while on vacation or at home.


This is one of the oldest songs duos by Manna Dey and Lata Mangeshkar in the retro classical movie Puran Milaan, in 1964. This was a time when music was taking a turn-over all around the globe. While the voice of Lata Ji in the song seems to be taking a pace in the new world, Manna Dey’s harmony holds the song to the music of retro styles.


This is in the beautiful voices of Rafi and Lata Ji, making it a harmonious hit. This is from the movie Shagrid, 1967. The duo of Joy Banerjee and Saira Banu on-screen makes the song even more special, adding to its aesthetics. No matter how old some songs get, nothing can replace them; they are created only once in a lifetime. Music is beautiful. 

It is the way to awaken your spirit and take it into an aesthetic world. It helps you relieve stress, makes you feel happy, and whatnot. There are hundreds of artists with thousands of songs, and everyone has their choice of singing or listening to them. We at Hindi Karaoke Shop try to cover the maximum we can by uploading karaoke tracks daily. These are only a handful of the actual number of songs that were uploaded. 

To get to know about other songs and services we provide, do visit us at Hindi Karaoke Shop.


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