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The‌ ‌11‌ ‌Types‌ ‌of‌ ‌Karaoke‌ ‌Singer‌ ‌


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The‌ ‌11‌ ‌Types‌ ‌of‌ ‌Karaoke‌ ‌Singer‌ ‌

With the Karaoke singers owning the stage every time they step on, it is not always an excellent experience for the others, but always a fun one in the end. Here are the eleven types of Bollywood karaoke singers spotted in any karaoke event showcasing and bragging their talents.

11 Types of Karaoke Singer

  1. The Pro
  2. The rock the stage kind
  3. The versatile singer
  4. The Dancing Bee
  5. The Intense One
  6. The Classical singers
  7. The Ghazal lovers
  8. The Energized/The Drunks
  9. The Rapper/ Hip-hop friend
  10. The 90s romantic hitter
  11. The one who can melt you-The Heartthrob


1.The Pro

These are the greatest singers of all time, confident and always enthusiastic about singing at all hours of the day. When they are up with their songs, they would pick something extremely challenging to sing and will still break the records off the charts and sing it in a way that surprises you. The fact is that this kind of singer is they are way too fitting for karaoke. You'll try to hide if they come up before you on the stage, and you can absolutely not do without appreciating them enough. When you see the pro singing, you'll think one of two things, either you'll be in awe of their fantastic abilities, or you will end up finding them irritating.

Their go-to karaoke song is… 

Ye Duniya Ye Mehfil Sung By Mohammed Rafi


2.The Rock-The-Stage Kind

Most people would call these types of karaoke singers overconfident and incredibly proud. They like to stand up and create hype, but as soon as they start singing, you wouldn't be able to hear them for long, at the least. However, they are people who people tolerate at the karaoke evenings. A pretty girl comes over to the stage, holds the mic as she owns the place, and ends up singing in a voice that is annoying to hear. 

Their go-to karaoke song is…

Tujhe Kitna Chaahe Aur hum Sung By Jubin Nautiyal


3.The Versatile Singer

You may call these the essential karaoke singers, and they probably belong to that category because they are not musician perfect singers, but they will have a decent voice, and they will sing well if not excellent. So you would not have to kick them off the stage. In addition, you will love their song choices because they would prefer a song that is usually in everyone's head or which is trending in Bollywood now. So these are the kind of karaoke singers who will make you sing along with them or at least hum.

Their favorite karaoke song is…

Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin Sung By Sonu Nigam


4.The Dancing Bee

The dancing bee type of karaoke singers are probably the moderate kind of singers, not too good, not too bad either. However, their dancing abilities fill up all the voids in their singing. First, they will pick up a song with beats for dancing and songs that probably have some favorite music videos associated with them. Then, they will pick up the signature steps and present them all to you. 

Their favorite karaoke song is like

Sheila ki Jawani Sung By Sunidhi Chauhan


5.The Intense One

This kind of karaoke singer is slightly different. They usually aren't bad at singing. You'll find the intense kind pretty quickly. They usually pick a tortuously slow and sad song that moves the vibe down below. They sing with their closed eyes, or at least with a distressed expression all over their body and even in gestures. These are the kind of people who have no clue why they are where they are! 

Their go-to karaoke song type is…

Tune Jo Na Kaha Sung By Mohit Chauhan


6.The Classical singers

You will not realize that these trained singers find themselves among you and they would keep it low, until they arrive on the stage and start singing the difficult alaaps and frequently changing surs taking away your heart absolutely. 

Their favorite one would be something like:

In aankhon Ki Masti Sung By Asha Bhosle


7.The Ghazal lovers

These types of karaoke singers get you in deep thoughts with an unusual calm and comfort in their songs and, most of the time, even in the voices. You will feel obliged to sit and enjoy those tranquil moments. In addition, they present you with an added nostalgia and memory booklet. They are primarily like intense karaoke singers but usually end up being judged for their song choices. 

Their favorite karaoke song is…

Hosh Walon Ko Khabar Kya Sung by Jagjit Singh


8.The Energized/ The Drunks

These karaoke singers are not there to enjoy the karaoke; most of these are present for the drinks and ended up encountering the karaoke event that is going on! They must have probably got home before they could even start singing, but they just had a few drinks and the added courage to stand up on the stage and deal with stage fright, your mean comments, or anything. They are on top of the world. They will sing, laugh, dance, cry; they are all over the place. It's hard to watch, but we are obliged to admit it is fun to watch this kind.

Their favorite karaoke song is…

Aaj Ki Party Sung By Mika Singh or 

Thodi Si Jo Pee Li Hai Sung By Kishore Kumar


9.The Rapper/ Hip-Hop Friend

The rap god is a wannabe the next Honey Singh or Badshah. The rap god appears in several different forms. Sometimes they're holding a laugh and not getting too serious (the preferred form). Another time they sweep you off with their crafts. But mostly, it's a cringe-fest, huh, because they are in the delusion of being unique, but no one else is catching it. So they'll keep the microphone like they're the stars and be flying around the stage attempting to excite people up. Instead, everyone will be casually sipping their beverages and counting down for the next singer. 

Their favorite karaoke song is…

Love Dose Sung By Honey Singh


10.The 90s Romantic Hitter

They are always in the nostalgic mindset and will pick up the 90s hits and sing it off and slay it. For a while, you will forget all the recent remixes made of any of the old songs, and you will want to sit there and do nothing but enjoy the music at least.

Their favorite karaoke song is…

Bas Ek Sanam Chahiye Sung By Kumar Sanu


11.The One Who Can Melt You- The Heartthrob

These singers will win your hearts by just their genuineness and authenticity in the voice. They won't dance around, they won't take up fancy hits, but something in their voice is loved by everyone, and you will be in awe of what you just heard. You will take them home with you in your mind and keep thinking about how amazing they sang.

Their favorite karaoke song is… 

Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon Sung By Armaan Malik


Rajni Baghel
2 years ago

Wow, what an amazing blog. It was fun reading your content... I love to listen to intense singers & my favorite song is Rishton Ke Saare by Arijit Singh.

Sharmil Gopal
11 months ago

Absolutely loved this article! As a karaoke enthusiast, I could relate to the different types of singers mentioned. It captured the essence of a karaoke night perfectly. Kudos to the author for their entertaining and spot-on descriptions!"

Shankar Chand
11 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog post on the 11 types of karaoke singers. The descriptions were engaging, and I found myself nodding along and recalling similar experiences. It was an entertaining and relatable read that captured the diverse personalities one encounters at karaoke events.

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