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Vikram Vedha Remake: India China Conflict Led Aamir Khan To Opted Out Of The Project?


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Vikram Vedha Remake: India China Conflict Led Aamir Khan To Opted Out Of The Project?

It's been announced that Hrithik Roshan will play the Vedha role in the official Vikram Vedha remake, with Saif Ali Khan stepping in to be the cop Vikram in the movie. The movie will be directed by Pushkar - Gayatri. But, a year back, Aamir Khan was confirmed to play a gangster role in this movie. According to a media article, he got a back seat from the remake around November. In some interviews and explored why Aamir Khan walked out of the Vikram Vedha project.

As per the source, "Aamir Khan loved the first version of Vikram Vedha and had conveyed to Neeraj Pandey, Reliance and therefore the director duo, his vision for the gangster drama. Aamir wanted to spin it around as a quintessential Hong-Kong based Gangster drama, with sleek action, set against the backdrop of gang-wars in Hong-Kong, making the story friendlier for the Chinese market, to urge additional gains from the market. The storytelling template would are a primary for Indian audience too."

The team had started working on it. His concept was to make one among the Indian films that appeal to the neighbouring Asian country, with actors from all across. "But when Covid-19 outbreak happened, followed by the tussle in Ladakh, the connection between India and China went from bad to worse, and Aamir had no option but to back out of the film."

After leaving the project, the team choose Hrithik Roshan, who was their first choice but had rejected the movie due to date issues. As per the source, "He always liked the script and was inclined towards playing the negative lead. So that's how it all happened." 

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