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Is Varun Sharma Bollywood's New Comedy Star Of Bollywood?


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Is Varun Sharma Bollywood's New Comedy Star Of Bollywood?

Comedy is the youngest genre, and we all agree with this fact. Making people laugh at your words and actions is a big achievement, and Varun Sharma is the new comedy king of Bollywood. 

Varun Sharma made his debut in the movie Fukrey and gained popularity for his character 'Choocha' that showed epic comic timing. He came back again with Fukrey Returns in 2017, and the audience went crazy. He won our hearts once again with the Chichchore movie in 2019.

Sharma made us remember him for the great roles he played in these movies. The actor will now be seen in the horror comedy 'Roohi' starring Rajkumar Rao and Jhanvi Kapoor. Talking about the more significant role he will be playing in this movie, Sharma said:

It is a "twisted love triangle". Sharma has finally entered the big league after eight years. "I feel fortunate that if there is a quirky, whacked-out character, people think of me,"  "It is something that I love and enjoy doing. Talents like me are getting a chance to do the kind of thing we wanted to do—be on a poster and dance."

Roohi is the first big studio films to be released in the theatres since the pandemic. He says:

 "He is a mad, sweet, innocent guy. He is in his own world and sees things differently," 

Talking about the challenge in the movie, he added:

 "The biggest challenge is to make it believable. It is true love. He wants to do things to make her happy," 

Accepting the stereotype happily, Sharma said:

"In today's time, to make anyone smile or laugh is the biggest challenge. If I am getting a chance to do that, it is a blessing," he says. "Lockdown has taught us that it is important to make each other happy and spend time with yourself and the people you love." Sharma is well aware that he is being pigeonholed into a type but he isn't complaining. "A lot of times people tell me, 'don't do more comedy, do something different, you will get typecast'. But, to be honest, I enjoy doing it. It is the genre that has earned me the love and acceptance of the audience. It would be unfair to turn it down. If I like something why shouldn't I do it?"

Varun is doing great, treating us to the best comedy movies. I Hope 'Roohi' movie comes with a bang.

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